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Are all First Pack Group's pizza carton range available to distributors nationally?

YES, our Generic Pizza Carton range is available throughout Australia based on MOQ's (minimum order quantities) for each design. Just let us know which design you prefer and one of our team will advise the best way forward for your business and location.

If I want an imported pizza box can I mix box sizes and different prints in each container?

YES, we have a continuous flow of containers coming in from several overseas locations. We can include almost any combination of sizes and prints in a container for our distributors.

I have customers that want custom branded boxes but all they have is some basic ideas and a logo. Can FPG create a custom branded design from this limited information?

YES, FPG are expert in developing and creating professional artwork for our distributor’s customers. Just email us whatever you have. If it’s a logo on a menu or a sign on the shop or just an idea, just take a snapshot and email it with a short brief of what your customer wants on their boxes and we’ll create the artwork.
Your customer might want to use the box to advertise more than just a logo or a name. This might include: addresses, phone numbers, website, QR code, social media icons or a branding message. We’ll guide your customer through those choices as well. Check out some of the cool custom branded boxes we have created and produced HERE for some of our customers.

What flutes or board thicknesses can FPG provide?

FPG can supply pizza boxes in E-Flute (thinner) and B Flute (thicker) and R-Flute (medium) or as requested in several paper weights and paper colour combinations.

What size pizza boxes do First Pack Group supply?

As a general generic rule the following standard sizes are available – 7”,9”,10”,11”,12”,13”,15”, 18”, 13 x 9”, 24” x 12” however we can create any size you want subject to MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) being met.

How long will it take for my order for custom branded boxes to be delivered?

Lead time on imported boxes is approximately 8 weeks from date of artwork approval.
If your boxes are made in Australia then the lead time is approximately 3 weeks from artwork sign off.
The choice of whether to manufacture offshore or locally will depend on the complexity of the print and the paper required. Wherever possible we will always choose to manufacture within Australia.

Can FPG help me with custom branded boxes for my customers?

YES! FPG would handle more custom branded pizza boxes distributor’s than anyone else in Australia. We usually discuss all aspects of design and box quality directly with our distributors customers until a design is completed and approved. From that point on we then hand the reines back to the distributor to accept bulk custom print pallet deliveries from FPG so their customers can then be serviced with weekly box deliveries as usual.


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