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Are First Pack Group's Pizza cartons Food Grade quality?

YES. All FPG's pizza cartons whether they are manufactured locally or from off shore comply with the latest food safety accreditations. see FOOD SAFE QUALITY information here.

I notice that you have a nice generic printed pizza box on your website that I would like to use in my pizza store. Can I buy directly from you?

Unfortunately NO. First Pack Group are bulk suppliers of pizza cartons to the wholesale Food Service and Packaging industry and are not set up to supply pizza store owner operators. We can however refer you to one of our approved professional distributors no matter where you are in Australia. Please use the SEND US A MESSAGE form below and we’ll provide you with their details.

I am a pizza store owner and would like custom branded pizza boxes for my business…can you help?

YES. FPG manufacture custom branded boxes for literally thousands of pizza stores throughout Australia however the delivery of these boxes will be through your local distributor. The process is quite simple…we delivery pallets to them and they delivery bundles to you…easy!

I have a pizza shop and would like custom branded pizza boxes for my business. All I have is the logo and artwork from my menus. Can FP help with designing my print?

YES, FPG are experts in developing and creating professional artwork for its customers around Australia. Just email us your logo or menu artwork with a short brief of what you would like us to include on your custom branded boxes and we’ll do the rest. This might include information like your logo, address details, phone numbers, website, QR code, social media icons along with your branding message. Check out some of the branded boxes we have produced in the CUSTOM PRINTS section for some of our other customers.

What different board thicknesses (FLUTES) do you have?

FPG can supply pizza boxes in the following standard flutes:

E-Flute (thin) approx 1.5mm thick
R-Flute (medium) approx 2mm thick
B-Flute (thick) approx 3mm thick

Custom paper weights and colour combinations are also available, subject to minimum order quantities (MOQ) being met and associated costs with custom orders.

What size pizza boxes do have?

As a general generic rule the following standard sizes are available:

7”,9”,10” (SMALL)
11”,12” (MEDIUM)
13” (LARGE)
15”, 18” (FAMILY)
24” x 12” (MONSTER / BIG FOOT)

Custom size boxes are available, subject to minimum order quantities (MOQ) being met and associated costs with custom orders.

How long will it take for me to receive my custom branded boxes?

It will take First Pack approximately 3-4 weeks to deliver your custom branded boxes to your distributor from art sign off.

Can I have an image on my pizza box?

YES. FPG can produce a high resolution process which provides for high quality image print results on your boxes. Check out some of the examples in the FPG Advantage section – PRINT SOLUTION OPTIONS

Do FPG also manufacture unprinted plain boxes?

Yes. We make unprinted white and brown boxes as well as printed pizza boxes with your own custom print, or you can choose from our extensive range of generic prints.

What's the difference between Double Fold and Single Fold pizza boxes?

Double fold boxes have two folds - One on the Lid and one on the base where the lid folds over the base. See example HERE

Single fold boxes only have one fold - One on the base where the lid folds into the base. See example HERE

What's the difference between Double white and Single white pizza boxes?

Double white pizza boxes have white paper inside and outside the box. See example HERE

Single white pizza boxes have white paper outside and brown Kraft paper inside. See example HERE

What are the common flutes used and what is the difference between them? For example...What's the difference between B-Flute and E-Flute pizza boxes?

B-Flute pizza boxes are a thicker flute, making them stronger but also take up more storage space (approx 3mm thick)

E-Flute is a thinner but more traditional Italian style flute and is recommended for clearer custom print results. (approx 1.5mm thick)

Please see examples of both flutes HERE

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